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Fuck! I’m Bad at Blogging

Hey graduates!  Remember me.  I’m the lazy asshole that used to post on this blog and then decided to do exactly what bloggers aren’t supposed to do and not blog for a year and a half.  So a lot has happened since last I wrote on this page.  Most importantly, this graduate student has graduated and now has a real-life, stress-inducing, nail-bitingly, thankless, but splendid job in a large public school system.  Let’s call it Large Public School, or LPS, for short.  And so now I announce the transformation of this blog.

Here’s the thing I noticed about my fellow teachers.  While they put up with a lot of shit every day and some of them are the most capable and intelligent people I’ve ever met, they are petty.  Super petty.  Like, will go off in a fit of rage at some kid asking for a pencil just because two periods before they found out their yogurt got stolen.  And in working in an environment like that, I’ve realized I want (read: NEED!) some outlet so that I don’t turn into the gossiping hordes that I am surrounded by.


Bitches be getting cray cray over some goddamn nonfat yogurt. At least get 2%…

I suppose it would make the most sense if I introduce you to my school.  LPS is just like any large urban high school; at it’s core it’s dysfunctional.  It the equivalent to a bunch of headless chickens running around bumping into each other.  I have three people I report to (only one of whom is competent) and the only administrator I like is consistently butting heads with my headmaster (who is….”interesting”, but more on him later).  The best part about my job are the students.  They are the sole the reason that any teacher does their job.  Administrators, other teachers, and even some of the nosey support staff (yes, I’m talking to you, Barbara the Secretary) are tirelessly backstabbing, annoying, gossiping, and generally hating on one another.  Why do teachers want to create this kind of environment for students to learn in?  Why?!  I don’t know, but with this blog “relaunch” I hope to find out.

Until then I will continue using my new found, easy to find, and absolutely fun way to manage my stress; ALCOHOL!

J/k! I swear my actual stress relief is running, but teachers can drink like muthafuckas…they make rugby players look like babies drinking apple juice.