Hey all. I’m a recent graduate from a top notch liberal arts college and (as baffling as it is!) I can’t find a decent “real-life” job. This is my story, which I feel is relatable to so many 20-somethings in this day and age. I’m letting you peek into a world that involves living paycheck to paycheck, wanting fabulous things but having to settle for the necessities, and navigating a new city with a new group of friends. I’m nefarious inasmuch that I feel wicked for being jealous of my friends with good jobs, but I also have spent much of my life getting things easily and now that I have to work for opportunities and things I thought would have been handed to me, I do so begrudgingly.  Additionally, because of my rather recent relocation to Boston the idea of being nefarious is a play on words.  It is a synonym for wicked, which is Boston’s favourite word.
So, that’s about it… My goal here is to show people that you’re not alone when you graduate college and struggle to find a job. You’re not a loser and because of the times, it’s even harder. I implore you to send feedback to me. Let me know what you want to hear or just tell me what you think of my project. The Nefarious Graduate isn’t just about one person whining that life is hard. It’s a story about how to find one’s own way in the world, and every reader is part of that.

Your uber dork narrator with the nifty side pony.


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