Commission Submission

I have finally thrown up my hands when it comes to work and decided that not two more fucks will be given.  I spend about 90% of my time at work worrying about petty gossip and the other 10% actually doing any selling.  It goes without saying that I am not making ANY commission, ever, and I don’t even care anymore.  Chi Chi is a fine place to work, if you love talking smack about your co-workers.  It’s completely unprofessional and I am trying like mad to find another job somewhere in the city.  My next career may involve slicing the heads off of newborn mice. No joke.  Though I’d prefer to do some education work, as that is the field I am in graduate school for.  On a totally unrelated note, it’s spring and it’s been lovely weather here!

Yay Spring! The weather in my neighbourhood has been phenomenal.

What are we supposed to do when people gossip at work?  It happens.  We have to admit this.  And I can’t say I’m innocent of being an angel 100% of the time.  There have been a few occasions where I have said a nasty thing or two.  But there is a difference between letting something bitchy slip out of your mouth every once in awhile and having a constant stream of shit-talk spewing from your mouth all day, every day.  And if you’re not one of those people who likes to trash talk, it can be uncomfortable and make work a place you don’t want to go to.  So the solution can be one of two: Deal with it and let all the bad feelings pile up inside you or talk to a supervisor and try to find a fix.

"You know that bitch we hate? Well, let's talk about her, right in front of her, and then be silent when she looks over"

It’s been getting to the point where I had to say something to my boss.  I used to get excited going into Chi Chi every day, but with the negativity that’s in the air, I’ve been unable to work.  Maybe it’s me, and maybe I’m too sensitive to other’s emotions, but when people are being cruel each and every day it’s unhealthy.  I took my boss aside and told her that the gossip in the store was not just regular “water-cooler” gossip, but that workers and even some managers are inappropriately malicious to one another and it’s ugly.  I told her it’s gotten to the point where I don’t talk to anyone, because if you don’t have something bitchy to say no one wants to hear it.  She’s been in meetings and training new store managers for the district the past 3 weeks and it’s come as a shock to her how much the store is unwinding when she isn’t there to supervise behaviour.

Moving on from all that negativity.  I’m almost done with my first semester of graduate school, and what a relief that is!  Not that I was sweating the small stuff at school.  We did just have to do a mastery learning unit and create a whole unit worth of work that can be used when it comes time to teach.  That’s like…almost a month worth of teaching work I already have done in my career.  Whoopee!  I never realized how much planning goes into teaching, and I have a much deeper sense of appreciation for all my teachers in the past, even the shitty ones (Ya, I’m talking to you 7th grade history teacher).  It’s pretty fun seeing teaching from the other side, after having been (and still being) on the student side my whole life.

Woot Woot! Here in my hands you see the 30 page document that my Mastery Unit consists of

This was an exciting week for Boston.  This past Monday was Marathon Monday/Patriots’ Day.  Almost everyone in Boston has the day off from work and the “real” reason is Patriots’ Day, which is to commemorate the Battles of Lexington and Concord, but it’s also the same day the Boston Marathon is run and traffic would have to be cut off in and around metro-Boston, so basically it’s just another holiday to get drunk.  I was surprised to learn that in many areas, like Boston College (which is right near the notorious Heartbreak Hill), Marathon Monday is a bigger drunkfest than St. Patty’s Day.  Kids were walking around the campus in “Keep Calm and Mara-thon” tanks.  They also were giving terrifically loud support to all the runners, as they were coming off the downhill of Heartbreak Hill.

Boston College Station on Marathon Monday

I spent my Marathon Monday on the docks by the Charles and then ran into a New Zealand rugby player who plays rugby with Rugby Rascal.  Needless to say, I’ve never been more of a hot mess.

Just a pretty view of Boston from the Charles that I thought I'd share.


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