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And You Can Call Me Back At 617-555-5555

Sometimes at our jobs we have to do things we don’t want to do.  This is just how it goes.  I’d be hard pressed to find one single person who is completely content, 100% of the time, with all the tasks they do at work.  But some things are worse than others.  Trust me.  Being a retail slave sucks, but one of the worst things I have to do is cold call some of our best clients to make appointments for them to come in.  A typical phone call usually goes like this:

Me: “Hi (insert name of unsuspecting callee).  My name is Lor over at Chi Chi and I’m just calling to let you know we just got our new spring collection in.  We have a lot of bright new colours to add to your closet.  So, if you want to come in or make an appointment, give me a call back at the store at 617-555-5555.  And again, my name is Lor.  Have a nice day and see you soon!”

This is essentially what my typical customer looks like (dresses like). Comforting, right? This is also the same woman who screams at me on the phone.

There is nothing I despise more than making these calls every day.  I hate when people call me for these kinds of things and I feel incredibly guilty harassing my customers and blowing up their phones.  A relief washes over me when an answering machine picks up, because I’d much rather do these calls like band aids; quickly.  I get stunned every time a person picks up the phone and I have no idea what to say, so I just end up bumbling and trying to make polite conversation.  Usually, the people are pretty nice and will hear me out, but every once in awhile I’ll have someone scream at me to take their number off whatever list we are calling from.  It’s a major bummer.

Making phone calls to strangers invokes this face and this finger gun pointed at my head.


And I’ve tried to avoid these calls.  I really have, but my boss made me do them the other day, and it was just miserable.  I feel like my voice is being sacrificed against my will.  These people come home from work after a long day, hit the button on their machine, and it’s my voice that’s annoying them.  Let me give you an example of the message I’d rather be leaving these potential shoppers.

Me: “Hi lady who I’ve never met before.  It’s Lor over at Chi Chi and my boss told me I need to harass you.  I need you to come in and spend your hard earned money on our clothes.  I’m sure you’re wearing last year’s colour palette and you probably look like shit, so let’s change that.  You should call me back at the store and make an appointment with me, so I can tell you everything looks lovely on you (even if it doesn’t!).  Hope to see you soon and I hope even more than you’ll drop major bucks over here.  Ta Ta for now, bitch!”

Just kidding.  I never lie to my customers and tell them things look good on them when they don’t.  People, surprisingly, value honesty when it comes to their clothing.

I WILL tell you that the crochet romper looks like a diaper on your butt. And you WILL thank me for it later.


Moving on, I’ve been observing at a high school around Boston for my master’s program and the school is a really nice place.  The teacher I’ve been working with is totally cool.  I have no other way to describe her. I really wish she had been my Spanish teacher in high school, because she’s just so COOL.  And not the kind of cool where she tries to be “hip and in” with the kids.  She’s just a no nonsense kind of teacher and will tell it like it is to the kids.  And usually, that’s what they need/want to hear.  Kids want to spoken to like adults and if you baby them, they’re going to act like babies.  I’m learning a lot from this teacher and I feel really lucky, because when it comes to public school teachers there is a high chance of being placed with someone who just doesn’t care.  And that’s sad.

But anyway, yesterday during my observation hours, the high school had a multicultural fair, which was something totally new to me.  I went to a small town, super white high school.  This school is only 30% white and a large portion of the student body is either immigrants or children of immigrants.  Once a year, the school does this fair, where kids can display items and food from their “home countries” and they perform dances that are traditional to their cultures.  It was an amazing thing to observe and while I was stuffing my face with Indian food I realized that going to a big urban high school has it’s benefits.  Kids were smiling and having fun, and because each country had it’s own table staffed by students there were kids interacting that may never usually have the chance to talk.  Additionally, this kids who performed dances had to create the program themselves and audition, so a lot of work went into these performances.  I commend this school for this practice and I hope this is a common practice throughout Boston.

Speaking of Boston, I went out on the town with my soul twin, whom I’ll call Lady J, the other night and she showed me this hole in the wall restaurant, Moogy’s, that is my new thang.  It’s breakfast and diner food all day and they have a bar that has $1 beer.  I really could not ask for more.  I’m almost certain that someone opened this restaurant with me in mind.  I mean, come on, they have 5 different types of French fries.  5!!!!  Doesn’t that sound perfect to you?


The bar at Moogy's. Super nifty place that you should check out.

Now onto some important matter.  Where should I take my summer trip this year?  Every year I try to go to a random city and bum around.  This year I really want to go somewhere I’ve never been.  I was thinking down south or the midwest.  Any suggestions?  Hit me with them.